Pain Is Not Gain

Is your leg agonizing from sports or daily activities like gardening, stair climbing or wearing high heels? Was it fruitless to do whatever leg strengthening exercise prescribed to you? Does your leg hurt after running certain mileage, despite diligent stretching before and after? Wondering why it hurts so much just to bear your own bodyweight but it’s perfectly fine on a 500 lbs leg press? Are you fed up with taking painkillers every few hours? Hoping for a permanent fix without steroid injection? If you think running painfree again is an unreachable enigma, here’s the book for you to read!

Tony Hui
Author | Speaker | Coach

About Me

Tony Hui

Author | Speaker | Coach

Tony Hui is a Physiotherapist, speaker and author who implements innovative solutions to complicated problems for his clients. He is an industry-leading expert in lower limb overuse treatment and has presented his pioneering work in BC Physiotherapy Forum.

Serving as Value Ambassador for Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, and Advisory Committee Member for the Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia, he collaborates with stakeholders to advance quality healthcare.

Master’s degree trained in Sports Medicine, and was certified Exercise Specialist by the American College of Sports Medicine, Tony has served athletes of all levels for nearly 20 years with his eclectic proficiency in manual therapy, clinical Pilates, personal training and dry needling. He offers workshops, courses, in-person and remote consultation. He speaks regularly at media and community events.


Testimonials From Our Happy Clients

“Tony is an exceptionally gifted healer who dares to think out-of-the-box.” Veronica Echon, Clinical Resource Nurse, VCH

“Tony helped me in ways that no one else could. He is not only an excellent healer but also a wonderful person with a profound passion for his profession.” Nikita Olechko, Partner at WestCoast Talent Management


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Lee’s Physiotherapy offers therapies including but not limited to: state of the art modalities including Class 4 Laser Therapy and Shockwave Therapy, manual therapy, dry needling techniques, exercise therapy and client education. Our practice is evidence-based and evolves with the latest in pain science research.


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